Workshops within the NORUS programme


A backbone in the NORUS educational programme is a series of workshops. The workshops aim at strengthen the education of students through collaboration between faculty members of partner institutions in Norway and the United States.


The workshops will contribute to the general objectives by innovate technology development of underwater platforms and sensors, and research-based education within arctic ecology and climate change matters.

Currently, a total of four workshops are planned for NORUS students and faculty in order to fulfill the educational and scientific goals of the NORUS network.

Workshop II, California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly)

The second NORUS workshop will take place at California Polytechnic State University in November 21nd to 28th 2009. The workshop, that will last one week, will focus on giving students hands-on experience with different underwater robot for marine monitoring and research, e.g. deployment and recovery of autonomous underwater gliders and propeller-driven vehicles (AUVs), as well as benthic crawlers and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). In addition, the students will learn how to retrieve the collected data from the various platforms and be trained in interpretation and applications of the data to answer selected scientific questions.


  • Check out the location and surrounding of Cal Poly in Goggle Earth through the NORUS GE file




The Pier at Cal Poly (photo source

Workshop #1, University Centre on Svalbard (UNIS)

March 2009

The first NORUS workshop was organized at UNIS, Svalbard, between March 15th and 21st 2009 by Geir Johnsen (NTNU), Mark Moline (Cal Poly)and Jørgen Berge (UNIS). The workshop served as a kick-off meeting for the NORUS programme and as the initial arena outlining the educational and scientific goals in more details. Additionally, it facilitated NORUS students from all four involved institutions (NTNU, UNIS, Cal Poly and Rutgers) to initiate international collaborations.



Participants on the first NORUS workshop at UNIS, Svalbard, March 15th-21st (Photo by K. Hancke)






Blogger's of the second workshop at the Cal Poly Pier in Avila Bay, CA. (photo by G. Johnsen).




The blogger's of the first NORUS workshop, here in the Arctic wilderness (photo by G. Johnsen).


Prof. Chris Clark teaching in underwater robotics and artificial intelligence at the first NORUS workshop on Svalbard, March 2009 (photo by G. Johnsen).


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