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Technology Development for Marine Monitoring and Ocean Observation: An North America-Norway educational program (NORUS)


The NORUS programme ‘Technology development for marine monitoring and ocean observation’ is a novel research-based higher education programme with a scientific focus on how climate-induced changes impact the living resources and ecosystems in the Arctic.


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We acknowlegde the funding of NORUS by the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education,

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! Recent News

February 25nd 2011

>> Two NORUS publications submitted..


Scientists within the NORUS team have recently submitted two research papers to peer-review for publication. The papers describ novel technology developments for marine monitoring and provide new insight for better understanding of the marine ecosystem, i.e.


    * Clark C, A Xydes, K Hall, F Schreiber, J Klemme, M Moline and K Hancke (submitted) High-Resolution Mapping of Oxygen Dynamics in the Marine Environment with an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. Journal of Field Robotics


    * Båtnes AS, J Berge, G Johnsen, SM Blackwell and MA Moline (submitted) Bioluminescence in the Arctic Ocean during the polar winter and evidence for diel vertical migration. Marine Biology


    June 22nd 2010

    >> ICEX/NORUS Workshop 3.2 completed


    The ICEX/NORUS workshop 3.2 has been completed successfully. A team of students and faculty members from Cal Poly and NTNU has completed 3D grid mapping of the dissolved oxygen distribution in the Hopavaagen Bay, Norway. The focus of the workshop was to develop and test methods for studying oxygen dynamics with the aim of addressing the net biological activity and auto-heterotrophic balance. The task was completed through integrating and testing of O2 optodes on an AUV platform pre-programmed to fly 3D trajectories in the Hopavaagen Bay. Read more at the ICEX blog.. 


    ICEX/NORUS students programming an IVER2 robot to fly trajectories mapping dissolved oxygen in the Hopavaagen Bay (photo K. Hancke)

    June 17th 2010

    >> ICEX/NORUS Workshop 3.2


    The ICEX/NORUS team from California has arrived and begun work on the IVER. The goal of the week is to integrate the O2 sensor and test the dissolved oxygen levels by the Trondhiem Biological Station and then traveling to Hopavagen Bay to deploy in situ missions. Follow their blog to see how they are reaching the goal as well as their adventures in Norway.. 


    ICEX/NORUS students from Cal Poly preparing the IVER2 for mission deployment at Trondheim Biological Station (photo

    May 17th 2010

    >> NORUS Workshop III successfully completed..

    Students, post docs and researchers have been focusing on developing and testing of underwater sensors and instruments with the potential to be deployed on autonomous underwater vehicles.. read more..



    Oxygen optode (Aanderaa, Norway) for measuring dissolved oxygen concentration in the ocean tested as part of workshop III (photo K. Hancke)

    April 16th 2010

    >> Technical information on AUV and ROV vehicles added..


    Technical information on selected AUVs and ROVs used within the NORUS framework and NORUS workshops is added to the site (see the menu bar).. read more..


    IVER2 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) (photo Scott Layton and Robbie Plankenhorn)

    April 8th 2010

    >> The third NORUS workshop is in progress..

    A group of Norwegian and US students and faculty members have initiated the work to complete the tasks and goals for the third NORUS workshop.. read more...





    The tidal driven in- and outflow of seawater to/from the Hopavaagen Bay in Trøndelag, Norway (photo G. Johnsen)

    March 24th 2010

    >> The third NORUS workshop will take place in April 7 - 29 2010..


    The next NORUS workshop will take place at Sletvik-Hopavågen, a two-hour drive from Trondheim, in Norway.. read more...





    The NTNU Research Facility at Sletvik-Hopavaagen in Trøndelag, Norway (photo G. Johnsen)

    January 24th 2010

    >> The NORUS Polar Night Expedition..

    Follow this link for a slideshow on the objectives, participants and achievements of the NORUS research expedition to Ny Ålesund, Svalbard (pdf file, ~3Mb)





    Aurora Borealis over the research facilities in Ny Ålesund, Svalbard, January 2010 (Photo G. Johnsen)

    January 11th 2010

    >> Welcome to the 2010 NORUS expedition to Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard..


    .. after several educational workshops and research expeditions we are focusing on the northernmost community of Ny-Alesund (79 degrees)...




    Prof. Geir Johnsen (NTNU) entering the icy water with his camera in Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard (Photo T. Gabrielsen)

    November 28th 2009

    >> Workshop II is now completed

    The second NORUS workshop is now successfully completed!


    Check out the workshop blog to read a review of the workshop activities..





    Workshop II participants at the Cal Poly Avila Bay Pier (Photo G. Johnsen)

    November 25th 2009

    >> REMUS mission no. 215 completed in Avila Bay, CA.

    Today the workshop group completed surveys of the waters off the Cal Poly Pier in Avila investigating water temperature, salinity, chlorophyll a abundance, optical backscatter and incident irradiance. Several AUVs' have been deployed, e.g. the REMUS 100 and Iver2 platforms. The students of the workshop planned, designed and completed the missions under the supervision of Prof. Mark Moline and Prof. Chris ClarkFollow the day-to-day activities of the workshop on the Workshop Blog.


    The REMUS 100 in the waters of the Cal Poly Pier, Avila Bay, CA (Photo K. Hancke)


    November 24th 2009

    >> Glider RU16 has been deployed in Avila Bay, CA.


    The NORUS workshop group deployed the Rutgers Glider RU16 in the Avila Bay, CA. The group planned and programmed the glider mission under the supervision of John Kerfoot. The glider mission is under way and will be completed in two weeksFollow the day-to-day activities of the workshop on the Workshop Blog.


    Glider RU16 in the waters of Avila Bay, CA (Photo K. Hancke)



    November 22th 2009

    >> The second workshop is in progress at Cal Poly, CA.


    Twenty three NORUS students and faculty members are assembled this week at the Cal Poly Marine Research facility at Avila Beach, CA, US. The aim of the workshop is to educate students on the mechanics of underwater robotics and encourage the exchange of knowledge and ideas between the network partners to improve research efforts and robot development.


    Participants of the second NORUS workshop at Cal Poly, CA, US, taking place November 21st to 28th 2009

    (Photo by J.Kerfoot/E. Hovland)


    Follow the day-to-day activities of the workshop on the Workshop Blog

    November 15th 2009

    >> The programme and participant list for Workshop II, taking place at Cal Poly (CA, US), have been published on a dedicated website

    The second NORUS workshop will be devoted to hands-on skills like mission planning, launch and recovery and data retrieval using autonomous underwater vehicles in marine monitoring and research. The workshop is arranged by the Center for Coastal Marine Sciences at Cal Poly and the practical work will be organised from the Avila Bay Pier. Workshop II will take place from November 21nd to 28th 2009.



    November 9th 2009

    >> A slideshow illustrating some of the NORUS activities have been added

    to the Fieldwork and Workshop Activities pages (thanks Ragnhild!). Have a look (click on the play symbol). In addition, the NORUS Programme Objectives and Science Goals have been reformulate.


    October 6th 2009

    >> The NORUS website has been re-designed and updated with new information on several issues (e.g. Fieldwork and Workshop activities), take a 'look around'...

    September 2009

    > Two NORUS Msc students on field work in the High Arctic 


    Two NORUS Master student have participated on a resent research cruise in the Arctic, around Svalbard,  with the research vessel R/V Jan Mayen.

    read more....

    September 2009

    > New book available: Ecosystem Barents Sea


    Ecosystem Barents Sea (Eds. E. Sakshaug, G. Johnsen and K. Kovacs) describes the marine ecosystem of the Barents Sea. Basic knowledge is presented about components of the ecosystem from virus and bacteria via plankton and fish to seabirds through to marine mammals and their interactions with the physical environment. Ecosystem dynamics are given a prominent role in the book.
    read more....

    August 2009

    The NORUS glider deployment in Isfjorden, Svalbard, turned out successfully!


    The summer deployment of two gliders in The Isfjorden, Svalbard, turned out successfully. Two gliders, owned by Rutgers University and the Norwegian  Institute of Marine Research, were handled and deployed by an international team of NORUS students and...

    read more....

    August 2009

    > The programme for the official International Polar Year Conference

    'Oslo Science Conference' is now ready


    The international and interdisciplinary science conference aims at demonstrate, strengthen, and extend IPY’s remarkable accomplishments in science and outreach...

    NORUS students and staff, you can

    read more....

    June 2009

    > June 2009: The first gliders have been deployed on Svalbard


    The Rutgers glider (RU07) has now been deployed in the Arctic, on Svalbard, on June 30th 2009, read more....


    RU07 in the Isfjorden fjord, Svalbard, June 2009 (Photo by G. Johnsen)








    March 2009

    > Workshop #1, UNIS, March 2009

    The first NORUS workshop is now completed in a very successful manner! The workshop served as a kick-off for the international NORUS programme and participants from all four partner institutions from both Norway and the US was represented. read more...



    Participants of the first NORUS workshop at UNIS, Svalbard, March 15th-21st (Photo by K. Hancke)



    January 2009

    > NORUS Workshop #1 will be arranged at The University Centre at Svalbard (UNIS) in March 15th-21st 2009



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